Sunday, January 19, 2020


One of the extra credit assignments that I’m interested in is the Famous Last Words. I greatly enjoy writing about my day using a diary format so I know I’m going to have fun doing that assignment. Also, it’s rare for a professor to be interested in the student’s life. I greatly appreciate that the professor wants us to write about our week. I’ve always been a big believer in the power of writing. Regardless of the reason, writing gives a person the ability of expression. 

One of the assignments that I’m wary of is the reading only because I’m not a fast reader and I get distracted easily. Even though I have difficulties focusing, I am excited to do my best and read amazing stories. Another core assignment that I’m interested in are the blog comments where we comment on other people’s blogs. I had a similar set up for my intro to religious studies class where participation was required. We had to either talk in class or write about our opinion through canvas. I rarely ever commented or spoke because I’ve always been conserved when it came to voicing my opinion. However, in this class, I’m excited to see how creative the other students are and giving them helpful feedback!

The No Pomegranate Lady!
Source: Pomegranates
P.S. She doesn’t have anything against the fruit! She has a good reason behind her no pomegranate rampage so go ahead and read her explanation. 

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