Thursday, January 16, 2020

Growth Mindset

This afternoon, I learned about the workings of Carol Dweck. When it comes to America’s education system, I do believe that we as a leading country can definitely do better. While I agree with some of her points there are some that I don’t. She claims that learning material shouldn’t be easy and that it means we aren’t learning as much as we should. From this point, I instantly thought of when I was learning my times tables. Maybe there are different factors contributing because I was in elementary school and her research is focused on the transition from 6th to 7th grade. Anyways, I remember looking at how much I needed to know and thinking it was difficult. My teacher made us answer as many multiplication problems on a sheet of paper in one minute. What I had difficulties with was having to quickly remember what 9 times 8 is or 12 times 9 is. However, when I practiced my tables consistently, quickly remembering became easy. I don’t agree that if the material isn’t difficult that doesn’t mean we’re not learning as much. Another way to look at it is that the person mastered that concept.

On the other hand, I did agree with her point that children should be praised for their efforts and processes. With the other praise, the student becomes fixated on getting all A’s. When she started talking about how other students end up feeling dumb because their fixed mindset, it resonated with me. I don’t want to think that all I care about is having all A’s but unfortunately I think that’s the case.  I whole heartedly agree that we should praise children differently now but after going through middle and high school, and now college, it’s inapplicable. Even though it’s not fair, there are many things that depend on scores. There are standardized tests like the PSAT and the ACT which heavily effect the student’s chances of being accepted and receiving a good scholarship. Being a premed student, my GPA is everything. To even get an interview, I must have a certain GPA and MCAT score. Besides the importance of scores, being praised for effort is also important especially for someone who is trying their hardest yet isn’t doing how they want to. In efforts of self-care, we all must be easy on ourselves.

 I see myself having a fixed mindset and would like to have a growth mindset.

A Parent’s Guide to a Growth Mindset

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