Sunday, January 26, 2020

Topic Brainstorm

Sati and Shiva
I’m interested in this topic particularly because of what happens to Sati. Her father, Daksha, insults her for marrying Shiva which makes Sati feel terrible. Sati ends up killing herself, hoping that when she is reborn, she has a better father. In my story, I would keep the part about Sati but make everything else modern. My goal is to make this story relatable to young adults who has a parental figure similar to Daksha. I have no previous knowledge of this story but I have seen the name Shiva before. 

The Birth of Hanuman 
What interested me about this story was this random woman, Ahalya, had two Gods make love to her in the form of her husband. The fact that at both times, she didn’t know it was a God which I think is hilarious. She ends up having two kids from the Gods. What I would potentially change is instead of having two kids from two different Gods, I’d change is to that Ahalya has twins. In the original story, one baby is potentially from the storm god, while the other is from the sun god. I would make it so that one baby is associated with night and darkness while the other is associated with day and sunlight. I have no prior knowledge of this story.

Ganesha’s Home Life
As I stated in my previous blogs, I’ve always been interested in learning more about Ganesha. In this story, the author explains how Ganesha came to be. His mother, Parvati, was taking a bath and she became bored. The dirt from her started to clump together and she decided to form her son, Ganesha. What I might change about this story is the reason why Ganesha was guarding the door. I might make it so that Parvati was trying on a new dress. I’d also make it so that Parvati was an extremely beautiful women and that the smell of her attracted peeping toms. So as she was trying on a dress, she made Ganesha guard the door from anyone who was trying to look. 

My Own Idea: Karma
In my story, karma would be a more evident and powerful force than it actually is. In real life, there’s a saying that what comes around, goes around. However, at times we never see the justice that should be done on others. In my story, society would be regulated by karma just how real life is regulated by rules and laws. People would be too scared or reluctant to do anything bad to others because karma will get them. I’m trying to create a perfect world where people do the right thing or else they receive bad karma. 

12 Rules of Karma
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