Monday, January 13, 2020

Favorite Places

Greetings Everyone
Today, I will be sharing with you some places that are special to me.
Looking at these pictures remind me of old memories that I truly cherish.

1. My first image takes place in Kapalong Davao Del Norte, Philippines. What’s cool is that I’ve been to this very place when I visited my family. I vividly remember sitting in the middle of this plaza eating tokoyaki with my cousins. I don’t visit my relatives there that often so any moment i have with them is extremely special to me. 

Photo taken from Albert Siladan (Feb 2019)
Source: Blog

2. My next image also takes place in Philippines but instead its Tagum City. I wanted to upload a picture of my family’s house but since I don’t have one I used this picture instead. a unique characteristic of my family’s house is that its surrounded by a cement wall and has a red gate in the front. Surrounding the house are tall green palm trees just like what’s depicted in the picture. Visiting my family at their house has always been my favorite place to go to because I have many relatives; it’s never lonely. Growing up as an only child I didn’t have a sibling to play with so being surrounded by kids my age was so much fun. Being in the Philippines is vastly different from the United States so my cousins taught me their ways. I haven’t seen them in seven years so once I graduate, I plan to give them a visit. However, I know it’s going to be difficult to depart from them again. 

Image of neighborhood in Tagum City, Philippines
Source: Wikipedia

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  1. Oh, the Philippines: how wonderful, April! That is a part of the world I would love to visit! I have read a lot of folktales from the Philippines... and now I just need to find an excuse to actually go there! Thank you so much for sharing your pictures, and I hope you will get to go back soon! And you made me curious to look up tokoyaki since I had not heard of that before: it looks delicious!!! :-)