Sunday, February 9, 2020

Famous Last Words: Go Beyond! Plus Ultra!

For this class, I have not been keeping up with the assignments. What’s bogging me down is the reading. I’m trying my best to keep up with the reading but since it can be long, I get sleepy. When I tried to catch up on my reading notes, I focused on one or two characters. I didn’t really like using that tactic because the beginning of the section was about the two characters I picked. Then, later, the story focused on different characters. Since the characters I focused on were only used in the beginning, I didn’t take notes about the main part of story. In one story that I read today, the author used names that had meaning behind it. The translation behind the names made the story more meaningful and followed the theme. I would like to adopt this tactic  into my future works. 

I’ve been putting in much effort to keep up with my biochemistry and physical chemistry class. Despite my efforts, there’s still so much material to go over. Unfortunately, I have three exams for three consecutive days – Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. On the bright side, I’ve finally resumed my MCAT studying this weekend after putting it off for so long. I have a little over a month so I’ve been trying to finish a chapter a day for each book. Right now, I’m reviewing organic chemistry and now, I’m on chapter three. 

This past week, I went to OU’s Miss International pageant where my friend and roommate Ida participated in. It was an amazing experience. Each contestant was amazing and I tried to meet all of them. When the contestants were showing their talent, my heart was racing for all of them. 

Lastly, the death toll for the coronavirus has surpassed the death toll for SARS. Now, the value is above 800. I watched videos about how China’s popular sites have become ghost towns. My cousins finally messaged me back and now we’re having long-time needed conversations. 

Coronavirus Spread
Source: CDC

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