Monday, March 2, 2020

Famous Last Words: Godspeed

Hello Everyone!

Currently, I’ve been feeling like a teeter totter that you see at a playground. My grades aren’t the best right now and I’m not keeping up with my classes. On the other hand, I’m getting stronger at the gym. I’m going out and having fun more often now. I pushed back my MCAT date and my mental health has been flourishing.

With this class, I’m trying my best to catch up because I’m super behind. Sundays are usually when I do most of my assignments other than the ones that are due on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. However, it was difficult trying to stay inside today because it was such a beautiful day. All I wanted to do was stay outside and take pictures; I ended up doing just that with my roommate Kassie. 

At this point of my college career, I’m really disliking school right now. I have a quiz every Monday for my PChem 2 class and it’s becoming annoying. We started learning about Thermo but now we started the Quantum part of PChem. I consistently think about a way to get out of this current lifestyle because I do not want to do this anymore. On top of that, I have a Microbiology exam on Friday and a physics 2 lab practical this Thursday. Then, next week, I have my midterm for Biochemistry and PChem. 

At this point, I’m rethinking all of my life choices. I want to be happy but there are so many external factors that stress me out. When I’m stressed out, I am the most negative person there is. Sorry if my post is super negative; I just needed to get all of that out there. 

On the bright side, I turned 21! I can drink without the possibility of getting caught and that’s a great feeling. I bought some cute clothes at Pacsun so I have been feeling myself lately. Also, I’ll include those pictures that I took today! 

To anyone who’s reading this, good luck on your midterms! May your ability to focus be with you, Godspeed


Me on the left and my roommate Kass on the right

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