Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Reading Notes: Nine Ideal Indian Women

Not trying to sound bad but when the story said that Indian women “highly educated and accomplished” I was a bit surprised. I always thought women were oppressed back then. Yet again, this story does focus on the daughter of a royal family. Also, I’m not to familiar with how royal families work so I was surprised when the Maharani chose the friends of Savitri; it makes me question how genuine Savitri friendships are. Since they chose certain girls, I would like to know how they chose them. I wonder what parameters the royal family abided by. Another detail that I noticed was how the Princess was paying attention to her professors. Not trying to sound negative but I just wonder how long her attention span keeps up because in some stories regarding royal families, the princess or prince become apathetic towards learning. So far, I’m enjoying reading about Indian women! Something that I like about these Indian stories is that the description of scents and scenes are well-written; I can really imagine  “floating flowers” and “crystal-clear stream” or smell “jasmine flowers.” I find the writing in Nine Ideal Indian Women to be beautiful and carefully written.  Aesthetic diction is a method of writing that I would like to use in my future stories. 

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