Sunday, March 1, 2020

Micro fiction: Two Different, Beautiful Girls

1st Story (50 words or less) 
Lucy sees voluptuous thick girls
She weighs 100 pounds
Pants size is double zero
Lucy loves to run long distance.
Lucy struggles with eating 

Teresa sees cute skinny e-girls
They wear cute little skirts 
Teresa weighs 190 pounds
She loves powerlifting
Teresa struggles with eating 

 2nd Story (25 words or less) 

“I wish I could look like her” thought Lucy 
“I wish I could have her body” thought Teresa

Author’s Note
I decided to do a story about two girls named Lucy and Teresa. Instead of writing a narrative, I decided to list out their differences so it could be faster for the reader. I wanted to show how two girls want what they don’t have. Despite their difference in weight, I included their hobby because I think it sheds some light on their features. 
Women Athletes
Source: Bored Panda

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