Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Week 8 Comments and Feedback

All the comments I receive are surprisingly positive. In addition to being positive, they give me feedback in a nice way. I don’t handle negative criticism or simple criticism well in general so having everyone be super nice about it is great. The comments I find useful are the ones that say they were confused about this part of my story. While I’m writing my story, a certain part might make sense to me but to others it might not. I think rewriting my story to prevent further confusion is an opportunity for me to become a better writer by writing more precise. Also, my grammar skills are trash so getting corrected from the professor is great because I learn the most after making the mistake.

When I read other people’s stories, sometimes I get inspired. I see how other people think and when I comment, I definitely let them know that the way they wrote their story was good. Initially, I used the  WWW method but now I’ve tweaked it a little bit so that I’m not strictly following it.

I actually reread my introduction and other people’s intro a few days ago. After reading other people’s intro, I ended up not liking mine just because I feel like I went way to deep into my life. Other people kept their intro simple, short and at surface level. However, my intro is super long and I don’t think I really introduced myself. I saw other people post multiple pictures of them and I got frustrated because I didn’t even think of doing that. In the end, I would like to rewrite my intro so that I introduce myself clearly; I want to get straight to the point about who I am. After reading the comments on my intro, I feel like I did connect with other students who struggle with staying fit while balancing school.

I chose this feedback cat because it shows how I can get after reading feedback. I know my stories aren’t perfect so when people read them, I tend to stay away from reading the comments. Then, after I do read the comments, I start to think of negative comments about myself like “I suck at writing” or “how could I make such a stupid mistake?” I saw this feedback cat and instantly connected with it.

Negative Thoughts 
Source: Cat

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