Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Week 8 Progress

In the beginning of the semester, I felt like I had a good handle on the assignments but soon, my progress declined and I started to miss many assignments. I currently have half of the total points we’re supposed to have so form here until the end of the semester, I will be hauling major booty. Out of all the assignments, I enjoy the project the most because that’s where I get to be creative and retell me own story. Another assignment I enjoy is posting my story on my portfolio because that’s where it gets revised into the best version of itself; I think it’s a cool process. When it comes to extra credit, I like to do Wikipedia Trails and Famous Last Words. Other assignments that I do sometimes are the Microfiction and the Bibliography.

For this next semester, I would like to do do all the assignments ahead of time. Hopefully, I can do so over Spring Break! I want to avoid doing these assignments last minute. I want to feel productive and do them all in the beginning of the week.

Pushing Through Burnout
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