Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Week 8 Reading and Writing

Looking back at my creations, I have to say that I’m happy with them. For my blog, I did spend some time customizing it to the way I like it. I love green so I ended up using the bamboo background. I played around with some fonts and found one that I really liked. However, looking over at my blog, I think I’ll make some changes to it. I feel like the font is too light making it harder for the reader to read my posts.

When it comes to my website, I spent a lot of time searching for the right background picture. I love Zelda so I just thought it would look aesthetically pleasing if I used a Zelda theme. The part that I had most difficulty with was the title. I ended up staying with Triforce Legends because my portfolio is going to be composed of my favorite stories in which I’ll try to make them into legends. Also, I was thinking that since the word “triforce” is in the title, I’d try to make my stories follow one of the specific traits that the triforce stands for. In the game, the triforce is composed of three pieces that represents courage, wisdom, and power. My first story shows the courageousness of the capybara so I might continue with that idea. My next legend would showcase wisdom.

One of my favorite posts is the the Pearl of the Nadi. It includes themes from my favorite anime and game. In one of my posts, I included this picture which would have to be my favorite. I chose this picture because of what I was writing. I was trying to sound inspirational or at least encouraging so I used All Might who is my favorite character from My Hero Academia.

The Symbol of Peace
Source: My Hero

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