Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Reading Notes: Mahabharata Part E

For me, one of the most down the earth things is listening to someone talk about their revelations, thoughts, and journey. I absolutely love hearing people talk about their passions. I fell in love with this guy who did just that. He had so much to say about his interests. I love people with sustenance. I love people who actually think and try to make themselves better as a person. This part of the story really touched me. I thought it was so cute when the pregnant wife ended up falling asleep while listening to her husband talk; that type of sleep ALWAYS slaps. I love when someone can tell me a story or something. I love it when a person can teach me things because I want to learn and better myself as well. I also knew the baby was going to absorb his father’s words. There’s a belief that if listen to classical music while pregnant the baby gets smarter. Not sure if that’s true but this story definitely reminded of that.


Epified TV, Mahabharata Part E, Youtube

Abhimanyu During Battle
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