Friday, April 24, 2020

Week 13: Hastin’s Thoughts

Author’s Note
The story that I based my own off of came from Epified TV’s version of Krishna. Krishna announces that he will ride the crazy bull, Hastin by the end of the month. We get an understanding of Krishna’s and everybody else’s but not Hastin’s point of view so I thought it’d be an interesting take. I also included a reference to a Jataka Tale where the monkey persistently bothers a buffalo.

Every day is the same. I eat the same grass and drink from the same water hole everyday. It doesn’t help that an annoying monkey keeps trying to push my buttons every now and then. What’s worse is that mating season is coming and for some reason all the girls stay away from me. I try to engage in a conversation with them but they all run away before I can finish my sentence.

*Krishna enters the chat*

A man made the wrong decision today by approaching me. I have a strong dislike towards humans. They dirty the rivers and lakes with trash while making the air unbreathable. I have no respect for them. Anyways, since the man came too close to me I quickly ran at him. Not to boast but, I never miss the target which is why everyone fears me. One blow from my horns is the equivalence to death.  However to my surprise, this man was able to dodge my attack - smoothly and calmly. He didn’t run away like everyone else.

The man actually jumped onto my back which was the end of my patience. No one ever rides Hastin and lives to tell about it. I immediately jumped up and down to shake him off. The smug look on his face made me even more mad. Despite my efforts, he was able to stay on my back. Out of nowhere, I hear this beautiful sound so I stopped to listen. The weird man was playing a flute. His song made me feel calm and nostalgic. Maybe he isn’t so bad.

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Hastin the Raging Bull 
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  1. Hey April,
    I really love the story. I always find it interesting when we can get a story from a new point of view. I think it really helps the reader get a better idea of the story and get a deeper understanding. I really liked the beginning of the story. You did a real good job of setting Hastin up as a character.